Tuscaloosa Botox® and Juvederm®

Botox® and Juvederm® for a Refreshed Look

You have worked hard to get your smile as beautiful and healthy as it is today – and we have been here with you every step of the way! Now we can help you add the final touch to your amazing smile with Botox or Juvederm.

If your wrinkles are caused by stress and muscle habit, Botox is the perfect solution. Think of it as a gentle muscle relaxant for your frown lines. The procedure is easy – it only takes a few minutes – you don’t need any anesthesia, and in three to seven short days, you will see the remarkable full effects. With a quick injection, you will look more relaxed and feel more vibrant with no downtime and no recovery.

Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, are another popular way for our patients to complete their smiles. Dermal fillers create a more natural appearance than surgical face lifts. They are injected below the skin and are used to raise scar depressions, replace volume loss, reduce or even eliminate wrinkles and plump or enhance lips.

Isn’t your gorgeous smile worth it? Ask us about refreshing your look today!


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