Baby’s First Dental Visit

added on: April 16, 2014

Babys first visit to the dentistIsn’t it just amazing to see your newborn smile for the first time? The room just seems to light up with joy, and time after time, we feel overcome with how precious they are. We think baby smiles are one of the greatest things ever – that’s why keeping them safe and healthy is such an important task, one that begins with an early visit to your Tuscaloosa pediatric dentist.

We believe that preventive care should start even before the arrival of the first tooth – this is central to keeping even the tiniest smiles in their strongest natural condition!

When To Schedule the First Visit

We recommend that you bring your child to see our Tuscaloosa pediatric dental office no later than their first birthday or six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Visits should then be scheduled every six months. These beginning visits are crucial. We have seen two-year-olds who have over a dozen cavities – an occurrence that could have been avoided with a visit before, or as soon as the teeth have erupted for a discussion about eating and drinking habits, and excellent oral hygiene.

Getting Acquainted

If you have other children who see us at our Tuscaloosa dental office, please feel free to bring baby along to their visits. This helps them see what fun our office is, get acquainted with the staff, and start feeling at home with the idea of dentistry.

Why Early Prevention is so Crucial

As we just mentioned, beginning early helps children get acquainted with, and often enjoy, the dental experience. It also helps us discover unrecognized dental disease before it takes hold and diagnose developing bite problems.  Most importantly, it allows us to educate parents early about proper homecare to optimize dental health.

Starting early and keeping kids’ mouths healthy can even help improve their overall health and improve performance once he or she begins school!

For more information about your baby’s oral health, or to schedule that important first visit, please call Riverview Dental Designs at our Tuscaloosa pediatric dental office.