General Dentistry in Tuscaloosa

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Keeping You Healthy From Head to Toe

Here at Riverview Dental Designs, we are absolutely passionate about bright, happy, healthy smiles.

To keep them that way, we emphasize early detection and prevention with regular cleanings and screenings so problems can be caught well before they develop.

That’s why the dentists and staff at Riverview Dental Designs focus on preventive and proactive general dentistry. We want to do more than fix problems as they come up.

Our preventive dentistry helps your family’s teeth stay in their naturally healthy state with regular exams, x-rays, and metal-free fillings.

And to keep both your mouth and your body healthy, our advanced dental hygiene cleans both your teeth and around your gums.

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Why is General & Preventive Dentistry So Important?

The health of your mouth is directly connected to the health and well-being of the rest of your body. For example, untreated cavities can cause infection and abscesses and periodontal disease (gum disease) can cause tooth loss, bone loss, and infection.

And recently, studies have begun to show a more serious link between your oral health and your total health.

It’s been proven that the bacteria associated with gum disease can cause an increased risk for:

  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Certain cancers, including pancreatic cancer
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Complications controlling blood sugar levels in diabetes
  • Low birth weight babies
  • Premature birth

Our General Dentistry Services

Children’s Dentistry

We always recommend that pediatric dental care start early, while mouths are still in their ideal state. Kids can begin their dental care as early as one year of age. We offer the latest advancements, strength-building fluoride treatments, and protective sealants so your children can smile healthy, strong smiles for the rest of their lives.

Children’s Dentistry

Periodontal Therapy

Many people either skip or avoid their regular check-ups and cleanings thinking that when things hurt, they will go for treatment. The trouble with that thinking is that periodontal disease often presents with no symptoms at all until it is advanced enough to be adversely affecting the whole body.

Periodontal Therapy

Oral Surgery

Riverview Dental Designs is here for all of your dental needs – even extractions or other oral surgery. We want your family dentistry to be convenient and comfortable without the need for referrals or travel from office to office.

Oral Surgery

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards protect smiles from all kinds of injuries – because no matter how good you are at your chosen game, accidents happen! And the truth is, over-the-counter, boil-and-bite mouth guards don’t fit as well or protect as thoroughly as a mouth guard custom-created from dental impressions.

Mouth Guards

Patient Review

“Really great dental experience!”

Really great dental experience! Made an appointment and they were able to quickly see me. Went over what I wanted to achieve with my teeth and smile and they set up a plan to help me achieve that goal. Also a beautiful place and everyone was super sweet! Can’t wait to continue my improvements with my teeth and smile and that says a lot since I’ve never cared for the dentist but Dr. Diaz was great.