Caring for Our Tuscaloosa Babies’ Teeth

added on: May 13, 2013


There are so many amazing “firsts” when a new baby arrives. That first smile, first steps and words. And of course, that first precious baby tooth. When your child loses her first tooth, you probably save it like the treasure it is. It’s an important milestone as your baby grows up.

It’s good to get in the habit of cleaning your baby’s gums twice a day with a soft, damp cloth or piece of gauze. When her teeth start coming in, get a soft baby toothbrush, use a tiny drop of non-fluoride toothpaste and gently brush her teeth (or tooth!). Fluoride should be introduced into her system no earlier than 6 months, and even then in minimal amounts until she reaches 12 months.

Baby teeth are important, even though they eventually fall out. They help your child eat and speak, and are a placeholder for her permanent teeth. If she loses or damages a baby tooth before it falls out naturally, you know a permanent tooth will replace it. But it’s a good idea to have it checked out anyway. If you can find the tooth, clean if off and try to put it back place, then get her to a pediatric dentist in Tuscaloosa. You’ll want to make sure that no underlying teeth were damaged and that the permanent tooth will have enough space to grow in properly.

When should you start taking your child for dental checkups? At Riverview Dental Designs we recommend a first dental checkup by the time your child is one year old. Starting dental visits early will help make it a natural part of her health care. We provide children’s dentistry and our staff has special training to help make dental exams relaxed and fun. Call our dental office in Tuscaloosa if you have a little one ready for her first checkup. And why not have a check up yourself at the same time? There’s no better way to start than to make dental care a family affair!