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Snap-On Smiles Are Transforming Tuscaloosa’s Teeth in a Snap!

Snap your fingers and it seems another month has passed. All the things you were planning to do just got pushed up – a lot. Where does the time go? Why do we seem to have less and less time, especially for things like our appearance? Well here’s a little bit of magic: with that same snap of your fingers, you can completely transform your smile! It’s true! It’s the Snap-On Smile and it is changing lives all over the country!

What is the Snap-On Smile?

Do you have a high school reunion coming up? Are you preparing for a big job interview? Are you getting married soon and want to look your best? Or are you just tired of never smiling and want to live life with a little more confidence and zing? Get ready to shine – FAST! The Snap-On Smile is an innovative and affordable way to perfect your smile without the preparation, time or cost required for other cosmetic dental procedures.

A Snap-On Smile works in a way similar to a sculpted nail. It snaps on over your own teeth to present the world with a perfect surface. Every flaw and imperfection is hidden under gorgeous, new teeth. Our Snap-On Smiles can even fill the gap of a missing tooth!

This amazing dental appliance is only available through certified dentists like Dr. Diaz at Riverview Dental Designs and costs about the equivalent of one porcelain veneer!

How Are Snap-On Smiles Made?

We simply take a mold of your teeth, and send it to the Snap-On lab. In about two weeks, your amazing new smile will be here for you to try on. These teeth stay secure in your mouth without any shifting or moving so you can eat, smile and speak with total confidence.

Ask us about Snap-On Smile today and – SNAP – you’ll be smiling in no time!