The Encore Dental Bridge

Intro Photo

Tuscaloosa’s Unique Tooth Replacement Solution

Encore bridges are another one of our unique tooth replacement solutions. Encore bridges are not affixed to crowns. That means that your healthy teeth are not affected by the placement of this bridge – no grinding down of teeth to accommodate the crown, no metal framework, and no covering of healthy enamel with porcelain.

What Makes Encore Bridges so Beautiful?

Encore bridges are made entirely of tooth-colored bonding materials and a porcelain veneer. We simply create a small space or notch, very similar to what we would do to prepare for a filling – in the adjacent teeth. We use these notches to help secure a structure of tough, fiber-reinforced, tooth-colored resin. After the framework is bonded in, we place an attractive porcelain veneer where your tooth used to be.

The results are beautiful and so natural looking, no one will know that they aren’t your own teeth!