Restoring Tuscaloosa Cavities with Tooth-Colored Fillings!

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Every cloud should have a silver lining… but smiles shouldn’t – ever!

The truth is, silver fillings aren’t actually silver. What is commonly referred to as a “silver filling” is really an amalgam of various metals including Mercury.

But Mercury content is not the only problem that metal fillings present. Metal inside your mouth acts like metal outside your mouth – it reacts to temperature changes.

Metal fillings will expand when exposed to cold (a cool drink, ice cream) and contract when exposed to heat (coffee, hot soup).

This movement of expanding and contracting can weaken the tooth walls and eventually lead to fractures or breaks. It can also create a space between the tooth wall and the filling, allowing bacteria to get in under an existing filling and cause decay that your dentist can’t see.

In fact, dentists rarely remove metal fillings without finding hidden decay.

Your Alternative – Tooth-Colored Fillings

Because we want the best for our patients, we always offer restorations that let your smile look and feel just the way nature intended.

Composite Resin

For smaller cavities, we use composite resin to restore your tooth. This resin is a much better alternative to metal fillings and won’t lead to the kind of shifting and cracking that metal can cause. As a bonus, the resins can be matched to your tooth so no one can see them.

Inlays, Onlays, And Crowns

For larger fillings and to repair damage, we offer porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns. These options not only preserve the appearance of your tooth or teeth, but they are also conservative, strong, and beautiful. They contain no unhealthy metals and are placed on the tooth instead of pressed into it. Here at Riverview Dental Designs, we use them for everything from filling cavities and repairing damaged teeth to finishing a root canal and strengthening weak or broken teeth.

All of our tooth-colored fillings look and feel surprisingly natural. In fact, they blend with your natural tooth so well, some people forget which tooth they were placed in!