Treat Your Teeth to a Spring Cleaning with Your Dentist in Tuscaloosa

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added on: March 23, 2022

Spring is the season of new beginnings when trees begin to blossom, the days become longer, and many people start to open up and clean out their houses after what always seems like a long winter. Anyone who “spring cleans” their home every year knows just how much of a difference a deep clean can make – you feel more energetic, refreshed, and perhaps even happier. Did you know that you can also get these feelings from a springtime dental cleaning

Squeaky Clean & Feeling Fresh

Many patients tell us that, after their dental cleanings with our hygienists, their teeth feel so smooth and squeaky clean. Why is this? Professional dental cleanings are more than simple brushings and flossings. In fact, bi-annual preventive cleanings remove plaque build-up that accumulates on teeth, even if you brush and floss every single day. The smoothness you feel afterward? That’s truly clean teeth. 

Beyond The Cleaning

Yes, you will always get a cleaning at your bi-annual dental checkups, but these appointments are also about so much more. Your dentist in Tuscaloosa is also focusing on the prevention of disease, cavities, and other potential problems during these visits. 

  • Performing Dental X-Rays – Safe, low-radiation dental x-rays allow your dental team to see what’s going on inside your mouth. Through x-rays, your dentist can detect decay that may not yet be visible from the surface, monitor the integrity of the jaw bone, and review the overall health of gum tissue. Many dental problems begin where we can’t see them. Without the help of x-rays, small problems can become big (and costly) problems quickly so it’s important to get these x-rays as recommended by your dentist. 
  • Measuring Gum Pockets – Your dental hygienist will also measure the depth of your gum pockets before performing a cleaning. These new measurements are compared to previous measurements to monitor any recession or changes that may have occurred and may be at risk for gum disease. 
  • Looking for Cavities – During your dental cleaning and checkup exam, your hygienist and dentist will check for any signs of cavities. When a cavity is tiny, it can be treated quickly and easily. However, if a cavity is left untreated, it can grow into the inside of teeth and may require advanced treatment such as a root canal, dental crown, or even extraction. 

Spring Cleanings Protect Your Health

Oral health is directly related to overall health, and as such, dental care should be a top priority of your overall healthcare routine. After all, many health problems may first show signs in the mouth such as diabetes, kidney disease, certain cancers, and heart disease. The best way to protect your teeth and keep your mouth and body healthy is to brush your teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and see your dentist in Tuscaloosa for cleanings and checkups at least every six months.