Are Your Teeth Part of Your Toolbox?

added on: June 13, 2013


You know they shouldn’t be! But sometimes we treat our teeth like bottle openers or scissors! It’s so easy to just use your teeth to open plastic bags, rip off sales tags, or hold on to small objects while you’re working on a task.

At Riverview Dental Designs in Tuscaloosa, we see patients with chipped or broken teeth, and how do you think many of them got that way? You got it, using their teeth for something other than biting or chewing food!

What are the most important things you should avoid doing with your teeth?

      Don’t use your teeth to open anything!

Using your teeth to open shipping envelopes, bottle caps, candy bars can not only damage the individual teeth involved, but also throw your jaw joint out of balance, which can lead to chronic jaw pain, such as TMD/TMJ disorder.

      Don’t use your teeth as a scissors

Yes, those plastic sales tags are annoying! If you try to rip them with your hands, they feel like they could cut right through skin. Packing tape is another culprit—you just want to get it started and then rip the rest. Still a bad idea!

So what could happen if you use your teeth in ways nature didn’t really intend? Obviously you could chip or break your tooth, requiring a restoration, such as dental bonding, or a porcelain crown.

You could also get a serious scratch or cut inside your mouth that could cause an infection, not to mention pain!

So next time you’re in a hardware store, why not pick up a small multi-purpose tool and keep it handy in your car or in your kitchen? If you do experience a dental injury, no matter what the reason, please contact us at our dental office in Tuscaloosa at 205.210.4507 as soon as possible!